Vitamin B

In these parties it is worth to consent; However, it is also time to propose a change of habits, attitude, saying goodbye to laziness and activating 100%, what is the key? It is very simple, take the challenge of eating READ MORE

Una oportunidad de franquicia

El término franquicia incluye una conexión entre dos reuniones, el franquiciado y el franquiciador. Comenzaremos con el franquiciador; dan la dirección al negocio, tienen una marca identificable, una red de producción generosa y brindan ayuda continua al franquiciado. El franquiciado READ MORE

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This surgical methodology from Better Body Bariatric comprises in the incomplete expulsion of the vertical bit of the stomach, in this manner diminishing its volume by 80-85 percents. The vertical part is sliced to a tube, similar to that of READ MORE