Easy Cooking Tricks

Have you ever tried a meal in a restaurant and have you wondered how they made it so tasty? There is no magic behind, just cooking tricks that chefs have and that, if you know them, they can help you a lot so that your dishes are even richer. When you have a nice kitchen with all the materials and all the ingredients in your new home in Baja California realtor.

Here we tell you five of those tricks that you can put into practice from today to show off at your table.

1. The trick: use eggs and dairy products, such as milk and butter, at room temperature when preparing cakes or zucchini muffins. For the ingredients to be at room temperature, remove them from the refrigerator about 45 minutes before using them.

The benefit: the dough will be spongy and cooked evenly.

2. The trick: before sautéing foods in a pan, like onions to prepare some ranch beans with the authentic Latin flavor, make sure the oil is hot. Check the temperature by placing a piece of the food that you are going to fry in the pan. When the oil sparks it is ready to use.

The benefit: your food will not stick and will keep its flavor intact.

3. The trick: cook the pasta in a large pot, filled with water to ¾ of its capacity.

The benefit: having enough space and water to cook, the pasta will not stick and will remain al dente, that is, well cooked and with a firm texture. Keep this in mind when preparing a spaghetti Bolognese so that the pasta is at its point.

4. The trick: When cooking beef or chicken in a pan or grill, like a Jamaican chicken, turn it over only once to prevent it from releasing too much liquid and cooking like boiling.

The benefit: the beef or chicken will be juicy and golden on the outside.

5. The trick: when cooking with garlic be sure to add it in your pot or pan after the rest of the ingredients, as it is ready in a minute.

The benefit: you will prevent the garlic from burning and will give a bitter taste to your meals. Keep this in mind when you cook the garlic for some enchiladas with chipotle sauce.

Putting into practice these cooking tricks you will get compliments on your table as a chef and now they will ask you how you did to make that dish so delicious.