Lemon And Different Uses

No matter what time of year we’re in, it’s always a good time to talk about lemon. That little fruit that adds flavor to everything and that we consume almost every day.


However, since it is a fruit that is part of our daily life (and that even in Lent we lose our eyes because of the high price at which it is sold), its benefits go unnoticed. Although it is a product that we almost always have at hand (what would be a tacos without lemon) its use is not limited to the kitchen.


For sample, look at these five uses that you can give, and that do not have to do with squeezing your taco or decorating a cocktail.


The lemon for bleaching the teeth is also very effective as it is a powerful natural lightener. but if you want to see fast results go with your dentist teeth savers Tijuana for a whitening.


With this citrus you can treat your teeth to eliminate dark spots, which will undoubtedly allow the pieces to recover their original color. It also favors the elimination of accumulated tartar and prevents both bad breath and the accumulation of bacterial plaque.



If you did not put lemon on your hair when you were a kid, you did not have childhood. This is a homemade remedy of yesteryear. Lemon is a great substitute for gel or wax. Who dares to deny his mother that thanks to the lemon the hair remained intact during the day.



Yes, you read well and surely you have, but we will tell you why you should not feel bad. Lemon has a large amount of Vitamin C, which means that its antioxidants prevent odor.



Lemon is also a great ally of beauty. A homemade mask with lemon is ideal to remove dead cells, give smoothness and shine to your face. The best thing is that it is very easy to prepare, look at this lemon with sugar:



¦ Place a teaspoon of sugar with lemon juice in a container (or in the palm of your hand)


¦ Mix it until it has a firm consistency


¦ Put it on your face making soft circles (avoid the eye contour)


¦ Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes (you will feel the skin hard)


¦ Roll it with warm water


¦ Do not forget your moisturizer after the mask.


Tip: it is advisable to make the mask at night so that you do not have to leave or make up.



Just like oranges, lemon also contains a lot of Vitamin C. Some people add a few drops to their glass of natural water to prevent colds.


Did you know:

There are several theories on how water with lemon can facilitate weight loss.


The data:

The acidity level of the lemon juice is very high. Its pH is 2.3 which means it can kill bacteria.