Ways To Overcome Anxiety About Eating

You may often suffer, like many other women, the urge to eat what you do not need. Even more if you put on a diet: your body (and your mind) perceives less heat supply and reacts by secreting more of the hunger hormone to force you to give the usual calories. Do not underestimate the small changes that a change of habits can bring to your life, but if what you want are fast and non-gradual changes you can choose weight loss surgery by A Slimmer Me Tijuana Mexico.

The uncertainties generated by the present social context mean that almost all of us secrete less neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine) whose lack of anxiety and uncontrollable appetite as a way to calm the stress.

What to do before all this? In any natural food store -even in supermarkets- you will find preparations that promise to overcome this anxiety for food and modify your silhouette. But in these matters magic does not exist.

Overcome the anxiety of eating with these tricks

1. Chewing gum
Chewing gum daily can reduce about 1,000 calories in the monthly diet. It happens because its sweetness appeases the anxiety to eat. And the physical act of chewing reassures us, by increasing blood flow to the brain.

2. Stevia instead of sugar
This natural sweetener, much sweeter than sugar but with zero calories, regulates blood glucose levels and pressure, reduces anxiety to eat and prevents the accumulation of fats.

3. Raw peanuts and nuts
Raw peanuts – take a handful a day – are the foods richest in niacin. The lack of this vitamin B3 leads to anxiety and insomnia.

Much of that niacin is lost if the peanuts are cooked. And as for nuts, they have been shown to be good against nervousness. It is due to their omega 3 fatty acids, which help (just take 3 or 4) to lower the pressure when there is a point of stress.

They are also effective (taking them daily) if the anxiety is chronic, and the fiber they contain satiates.

4. Licorice: 3.5 g per day
Eliminates the anxiety to eat and reduces hunger and fat accumulated in the body. Its abuse can cause arrhythmia and hypertension.

5. Less exciting drinks
Coffee, tea, sugary soft drinks … you take them and you feel activated. But then, that activation becomes more anxiety. Instead, drinking a glass of milk appeases her. And the natural tomato juice calms the hunger at odd hours.

6. A little spicy
The substance that makes chili pepper, called capsaicin, reduces the sensation of hunger and increases caloric expenditure. It is by thermogenesis: that ingredient releases more heat to the body, using extra energy in it, which also makes us feel more satiated.

7. Spicy food
Other studies point out that the same effect can be attributed to any spicy (like pepper) added to the food. But if they are added to all, the body gets accustomed and does not react the same. You would need to drink more spicy, which could damage your stomach.